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Shopping in Tallahassee

Governor's Mall

Foods in Tally

Bradley's Country Store

It is a sausage store located in suburban NE Tallahassee. You will see other popular restaurants or stores in Tally carry this brand as well. This is well known among locals, and worth to try while you stay in Tally.

Home Buying Process in Tallahassee

Today, I would like to talk about home buying process in Tallahassee. 

How to Connect Utility in Tallahassee

1. Go to to open an account. Once you are in the website, you will see step by step instruction. When opening a new account, you could do it on-site or via online; however, when disconnecting an account, you could do it via online, phone, or on-site. If you decide to visit the office, please download the application form, fill it out, and bring it to the Customer Account Services office, located on the1st floor of  Frenchtown Renaissance Building. The following is the address for the building:

Beaches Near Tallahassee- Trip to Grayton Beach

I would like to share my trip to Grayton Beach in this blog. Gratyon Beach in Seaside is located between Destine and Panama city, and has beautiful white sand. As you could see in the video, there are cottage looking resorts and upscale shopping center including art galleries and boutiques near the beach.  Parking admission for Grayton Beach is $5.00 per car (maximum 8 people in a car) and $2.00 per pedestrian.