Housing Market Trend


Housing Market Trend for Detached Single Family homes

in NE Tallahassee and 32312 area


According to the graph, the number of sales in NE keeps increasing during summer. The average Listing price during June in this area was $345,251, and Sold price was $340,668.

The average Listing price of homes in 32312 for June was $388,978, and Sold price was $383,025.


As the summer continues to its high peak, the number of sales keeps increasing.


( Data for this analysis are from Paragon MLS)

Month of Supply could be a good indicator to see if it is a seller’s market or buyer’s market. The graph for the past six months shows about average 2 months of supply. When the month of supply is less than 5, it is called seller’s market, and if it sits between 5-7 months, it is called healthy/fair market for both sellers and buyers. If it is beyond 7 months, it is called buyer’s market.


 Data for this analysis are from Paragon MLS.

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