Restaurants II


1. Chi Chi's Cafe 

This is a casual cuban sandwich cafe. They also serve great tasting pastries! I absolutely recommend you to visit this place at least once. Pretty sure you will find yourself standing in line to order again. Instead of french fries, they serve crispy potato sticks. 

2. Grub Burger Bar (

Looking for a nice burger place? This would be one of the places you could have mouth watering burgers. There are many kinds you can pick from their menu. I especially love Guacapotle burger and spicy scorpion!  

3. Little Paris (

They say this is a casual dining, but I would call this a fine dining. Their dinner menu is quite different from a lunch menu. I might try to have lunch next time because they have kid friendly menu for lunch. My 11 old girl had Risotto (Not many choices for younger ones though), and did not like it. However, it is absolutely great for grown ups to enjoy wine and dinner here. If you want a nice and quiet setting for a special occasion, this place would be one of places you want to consider.

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